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Forgive me if this question has already been answered-

I was checking my futures portfolio from last year - and noticed that futures contracts don't show any data except for the Z contract. For example, I'm looking at ES, and H,M, and U contracts are blank charts with no data. With Quotetracker, the data for my past contracts persisted so I could call up historical contracts to review. Does Medved Trader operate differently?


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I see. I do definitely appreciate the expanded data viewing MT offers. Thanks! I think it would be a great feature if you added the ability to archive/view historical data - notably futures data, which is hard to come by without subscribing to a data service. One of the things I really liked about Quotetracker was being able to call up contracts/chart data from several years in the past. It makes it easy to visually compare/analyze past and current market behavior. I guess one can still do this with MT in a roundabout way if they save off a data file, then use it as a backup restore at a future time without connecting to a data source so MT won't update- but that would also mean having to do another restore with current backup data when done reviewing.


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