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Trendline Alert on Indicator



Would it be possible to add the Alert function to Trendlines drawn on indicators?  It may be a lot of coding, so for an initial code release, the alert would sound if any unhidden indicator line crossed above or below the trendline.  Follow up code release would include a setting to allow the user to configure the specific indicator line (eg, on a MACD indicator, the MACD line versus the signal line; on ADX, +DMI versus -DMI versus ADX lines).

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You can (kinda) do this yourself. All you have to do is do a paintbar or scan that would look at the indicator and compare it to the trendline formula.


The trendline formula is Y=X*A+B where


Y = Y value of the trendline

X = X value - basically the timestamp

A = slope

B = offset

if X1, Y1 and X2, Y2 are the anchor points of the trendline then you precalculate the slope and offset thus:

A = (Y2-Y1)/(X2-X1)

B = Y1-X1*A


Of course, X1 and X2 are also timestamps of the anchor points.

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