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Alerts going off for no reason

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi Jerry,

Installed update you sent.  Still having this occur not sure if this is related to the other issue around data feeds not running on active portfolios.

Started medved fresh and let evereything popup.

Clicked on NNO:vn then clicked up to MNR:CA,  The following NNO alert popped up.




Closed Medved 

Launched medved, well things were starting up, Iogging to 200 as soon as I could, prob after 30 seconds or so.

Switched or Raymond james portfolio which was open but not on top.

clicked on MRN which was already the active symbol on the portfolio

Clicked on NNO

Clicked away from NNO, as soon as I clicked away (back to MNR) the alert pop up comes up for NNO.  This same alert keeps coming  up if I repeat the above steps every time.

Pic in next post.



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Another instance of random Alerts even after installing the update you  sent yesterday. APH was  having many alerts which don't fit any of the alert lines I have set.  Also don't see all the alert lines set on the chart. Don't see any prices around 10.95 in the raw data.


jcolter-2018-04-20 06.42-APH RandomAlerts.MTExport





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