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Huobi pro feeds and trading



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We can look. Few questions you may be able to answer faster than them:

1) What is the difference between Huobi Pro and HADAX?
2) At the top of their API docs they mention something about minimum 30 BTC 
"Welcome market strategy users to apply for a market-making account. Please provide the following information to api_service@huobi.com when you have a minimum of 30BTC in your account at Huobi.pro"

What's that about? do they require 30 BTC to do API stuff? 

3) In general, how big are they? I have not heard of them. Maybe Mike has...

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it is one of the biggest crypto exchanges by trading volume

Huobi Pro is a cryptocurrency exchange
HADAX is an exchange for crypto assets

i dont think you need 30btc to use the api
i think its for a special account

they are big
always in the top 5 for 24h volume in coinmarketcap

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