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Write Something in the graph with the advanced mode

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sorry, this was missed I think. Yes you can do that. you can add 2 lines:

    SetColor("HMA3", SysColor.MainIndicator1);

SetYValue will only work if the color is set prior to it being called.

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+1 for writing on the chart. I have volume values I wanted to print onto chart, based from values from the Weis Wave Vol (almost trying to recreate his zigzag volume indicator).

Btw, I'm happy I ended up getting a subscription. The scanner features alone are a godsend for trading crypto.

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Can't write freely on the chart using the Paintbar. However, assuming you are using Advanced mode, you can SetShape and change the values based on your computations. For example, I just made this sample Paintbar show a different value above each candle:

public void MainCalculation()
    this.SetShape((PBShape)(200 + shapeIndex++));
    if (shapeIndex > 35)
        shapeIndex = 0;
int shapeIndex = 0;


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