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hide the quick access menu on charts

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How do we hide hide the quick access menu 

so we make a chart similar to the old format.






It would be nice to have quick alerts setup  for trailing  stops

either by import from spreadsheet or via API.

Also to set all alerts to timeout of (x) seconds 

useful at start of trading when all alerts go off for first 10 minutes.

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Alerts - yes, well.,,, kinda need to have alerts first :)


Quick Access Toolbar - stuff on the caption - you cannot get rid of that itself, though you can get rid if the buttons on it. Just right click on the button and select "Remove from Quick Access Toolbar"


If instead you mean the tabs for MAIN, VIEW, DRAW, etc, you can do that, but you hid the button to do that.  In the caption, click that little down arrow directly to the left of the symbol. Click on "Show/Hide Ribbon".. that should add button to the QAT, which when clicked, will hide the ribbon completely.  You may need to make the chart wider or click on the double right arrow on the QAT to get to it. (or get rid of the other buttons in the QAT if you are not using them, such as the Symbol Link and Trace Link buttons that are shown in your picture.

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