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Jumpy Data Streams for 1st 30 Mins

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So for the last week or so I've had this issue every morning where the data coming into MT is "jumpy". Meaning like this morning the SPY was jumping from 272.20 to 273.50 within seconds and then back to the correct price. This causes weird candles and screws up all my indicators. I thought it was just the TD Ameritrade stream being glitchy but it happens when I switch to Ally or Yahoo as well so it's gotta be something on my end. After about 10AM or so it levels out and brings in stable correct data and I can clear all and backfill and get everything right again. But that 1st half hour is obviously crucial.

Any ideas why this might be happening? I believe I'm using the latest Beta but maybe a setting I toggled or something is screwing with it.

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Hmmn.. I have the data streams for TD and Ally both enabled in the settings so I can toggle if needed. But when I have a portfolio open its always set to TD Ameritrade by default. Do you mean something like having multiple portfolios open with say one set to TD the other to Ally? If so then not that I am aware of. I do however have indexes like SPY, DIA, IWM, VIX etc  on my index panel as well as included in the portfolio. Perhaps that's an issue?


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ok I see. Yes, you have duplication.

you have 2 portfolios open. Both use TD Ameritrade as quote source. However, both also have the index panel showing with same symbols in the index panel.  The large one uses TD Ameritrade as the source, so that is not the problem.  The "Current Holds" however uses Ally Invest and that is where the problem comes in. Your Ally account only has Delayed quotes, so when you get quotes from both, it is alternating and really messing things up.

On the window with the "Current Holdings" portfolio, click on the INDEXES tab on the toolbar. Now either uncheck the box to show the index panel (if you don't want to see it on both portfolios) or change the quote source for the index panel to TD Ameritrade.


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