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Chart Trading Issues with TDA (Lag/No Response)


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Since I've switched to TDA's "Advanced Features" platform, there have been more issues with chart trading:

1. Sometimes when moving the price bubble to change stops, entries, limit etc...:

      a. There will be no green check mark on trade bubble to confirm the new price change. Sometimes will work by maximizing the chart or changing chart tick type (maybe all this is just lag in response time?)

      b. At random, receive an order error when trying to move bubble for stops, etc..on chart.  This happens less often than "a." above. Trying again later sometimes works. 

      c. The "x" will not appear on bubble to cancel an order. Sometimes this will re-appear after waiting awhile. Other times, I have to cancel via Think Or Swim.

      d. I can no longer place bracket orders on the charts with "Advanced Features" enabled on my TDA account. This was very important for my trading in MT and it's a hindrance to have to use Think Or Swim to set these type trades. 


Overall,  I experience these issues (a through c) about 1 out of 3 times when moving stops, entries, limits, etc...on the charts. I have to keep Think Or Swim open now so when this happens I can quickly cancel or move orders that I need to that will not respond on MT charts. 

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 After update to beta, there is still some delay, sometimes, as to when a green check appears on a trade bubble to be able to change a trade. However, I have been able to cancel most orders now accept maybe one or two. 

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