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How to access high of the day for comparisons?

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I am trying to write paintbar code for a scan which would alert given conditions such as the high of the day is equal to the high of the first 5 minute candlestick in the chart or that the low of the day was reached by the previous candlestick, etc.. How would I accomplish this? I am assuming I would need state keeping to do this since the high/low of the day would need to be retained for each new paintbar calculation but I have tried using CurrentState and SymbolData as a test without any success. Is there a better way?


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SymbolData.High and SymbolData.Low is high or low of the day. The first 5 minute high/low is something that you would need to calculate yourself - basically make the variables in the advanced code (outside the functions) that would hold the high/low, then in the code check if current timestamp is within first five minutes of the session and set the high/lows accordingly...

If that is not clear I could post some code here for you.

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Okay, just to begin with a simple test case I tried:


public void MainCalculation() { if (High == SymbolData.High) { SetColor("High", SysColor.MainIndicator3); return; } }

on a 5 minute chart but it doesn't highlight the candlestick with the high. I suspect there's something about the how it's calculated that I don't understand. According to this I'm expecting that the paintbar will iterate through each candlestick in the chart in sequence comparing the high of that candlestick to the high of the day.

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