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NumberOfTrades_Bar used in paintbar

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  Happened to look at this indicator NumberOfTrades_Bar  , and see that it supports bid/ask filters.  Works fine for adding to charts.

 When I used the paintbar editor  to add this  scan, it does expose the bid only , ask only parm , BUT it does not actually have this as a feature when the code is produced.

  Was this just left out or something else going on ?



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I don't know what you mean by doesn't have this as a feature when code is produced. If you are talking about Advanced mode, In the Param column if you click on it, it shows the bid only/ask only param and remembers it if you set it, no?

It may not show it in that column, but that's because it is not shown on the chart legend either (the chart legend is what is shown in the column).


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