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Multiple order window (multiaccount trades)


Request for a multiple order window so you can trade multiple orders across one or multiple accounts in a single trade.  Useful for two reasons, someone trading the same stock in multiple accounts or to work around a broker which has risk review at a specified trade $ or share count.

Ideas around it:

  • Single stock associated with the multiple trade windows
  • Top would have fields that apply to all the trades eg anon, type of order
  • Configurable number of trades ie dropdown will define how many rows there are
  • Each row would allow you to select the number of shares, account,etc
  • Orders would be processed top down one after another unless the api can take multiple requests at once
  • Check boxes to enable / disable each row so you don't have to modify the whole trade window if you only want to execute a portion that are in the window
  • be able to drag the rows to re order them ie to adjust which get executed first, second,etc

My thought would be to use one of my screens just for these multiorder windows and be able to have one for each stock I am trading across multiple accounts, then I could minimize/maximize the windows as necessary for the stock I am trying to trade.  Would be even better if the multitrade window could have tabs for each stock so you could just click on each tab  instead of minimize/maximize


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  • Be nice if the multitrade window saved all the info  accounts, shares. type of order etc, so when you open Medved you don't have to reenter the info to prep for the day if your still trading the same stock as the previous day.
  • Be nice if there was a button or hotkey to autocalculate the max shares at current price and populate the share counts, should abide by the rules in the account settings for share count rounding

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Was thinking maybe an interm way to make this happen would be to link trade windows buy/sell buttons possibly by a new check box in the trade window or another type of Pin.


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