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Accountview - Consolidated view of all accounts



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I don't know if sometimes in the future a revamp of the account view(s) would be possible, it would be great..  the features that would be great for me are:

-consolidated view that shows all accounts together

-it would make it easier to select the right account (linked feature) when doing a transaction.  Atm i need multiple account windows opened and the link feature eventually messes up ifnI try to link the buy sell to both.  It leads to transactions with the wrong account and can potentially cause major mistakes in my trading lol...

I am still trying to find the best real estate in the desktop space.  Iq edge has a great feature that a workspace larger than the screen has a scrollbar so you can have more windows than the space available.  I have read in another thread it was not possible with mt but I am still trying to have the best overall view possible in mt with limited screen space and more place for charts.  Thanks!!

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I use MT hotkeys to switch accounts on any window, either individual account hotkey or a single hotkey to cycle through all one by one.

I also have a portfolio window where I keep list of all trades, divided by sections. It keeps individual trades in one place and gives me sub-total of each account as well as portfolio total. I keep it updated manually.

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