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small bug re: t&s color scheme


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  Not sure exactly when this happens but Ive seen it many times now over the last year .

  I think it's most like to occur when I reload a backup set of settings during the day.

 (I do that when on load, I've lost the window positions, which seems to happen from time to time)


Here's the bug ,  my T&S windows load up with the wrong color scheme (I told you it was a small bug)

Once in a blue moon I've seen L2 windows do the same.

You can probably figure out how this might happen .






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Yes, I am still trying to fix this one. Problem is that it is hard to recreate. Had it happen a few times, but not since then.

 Will email you with update that adds logging to help track it down

After the update if you see it happen, please send me the log file right away (indicate in the comment that that is what it is about)

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 I missed this post .

Frankly, it happens so rarely, we'd have to get lucky doing it this way (custom build) , unless I didn't update with the regular beta's until  the bug appeared.

I believe it may happen if MT crashes or hangs and has to be restarted, which is usually the only time I load a backup set.

Seems like an odd problem , why that one setting should revert.




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