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20 TOP Gainers and Top Losers


A dynamic watchlist with the 20 top gainers and 20 top losers  , refreshing every 15/30 secs. Should be feasible for the datafeeds  (is a feature every platforms have) .

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6 minutes ago, Jerry Medved said:

if you want, I can enable sharing so you can tweet from inside MT

No, dont worry Jerry :)  i move faster using/reading my tweetdeck.  This week i will spam  the "weis wave volume" indicator , the scanner and the chart gallery :)  the watchlists made in premarket by some chatrooms.

And i hope to have new features soon to spam more :)

I invite others users of MT to do the same  and to  collaborate to make MT more and more popular. Best way to help brothers  Medved to make a better platform for all of us!

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