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Alert text as a seperate parameter in Alert Log

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  I was wondering why I wasn't seeing the alert text in the  Alert Log.   Turns out its placed after the  name of the alert, so If the window isnt wide enough its out of sight.


 Would be great if that could  be added to the insertable  parameters so it can be displayed earlier in the string.


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I knew I asked this before.

Still on my wish list . 

TriggerAlert("RangeIncrease", "" + ACR_Line)


09/11/19 11:04:05 PM    Paintbar    3013.75    @ESU19    Alert "RangeIncrease" on Paintbar "Average Candle Range Breakout" 0.24  

As you can see , quite a bit of text is automatically printed BEFORE the value .24 , so a very wide Alert window is needed to see it.

Could use a separate column for the TriggerAlert message component  OR put the message  before the descriptive text.






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