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Strange IB Futures chart wierdness just cropped up

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  Just saw this tonight.   Using latest  beta

  I have all my futures using  IB  , and chart timeframes  set to CME Globex Regular Hours, and Extended Hours set to Always.  This way I see all the data ,and you color the extended hours automatically.

  Somehow the charts stopped getting data after the 6pm restart.  All of them (ES , NQ, etc)

  Quotes were fine and streaming.


  Just fiddling with the  Globex timeframe  settings resumed the data on the charts.

  That's all I can tell you about it.  Any reason this might have happened. ?





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Just now, Jerry Medved said:

Yes, but I can fake that :)

As a data point, it affect ALL futures charts, and each one had to be 'tweaked' separately to get the data to flow

Yes, Im sure you can , but nothing like the real thing 😉


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Figured you'd nail it fast enough

Wanted to report it quickly, as that could be a problem for someone staring at a 'frozen' chart while futures were ripping one way or the other

I have an app that provides audio feedback for the futures (hooks into the IB Api) , so I know when they are in motion. 



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