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Slide modification of order price not truncating to 0.xx


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Morning Jerry, Happy Holiday season and thanks again for the tweaks of my suggestions ~~ Back in The Day ~~

Working w/GPL on MT and while trying to slide to a new price point, getting the mpi [minimum price increment] of 0.01 and for some reason this one is not truncating properly?


As only will allow me a 'hand entry' to manually enter the price, while ToS is fine.





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sorry for the delay. got swamped. I had a chance to look. Just to confirm, you are getting a 0.01 price increment on GPL symbol? I think it happens if you open the chart when there is no data and then it gets data. If you close and re-open the chart, or switch to another symbol and back, it should correct the increments. I will check on it

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server response: problem Canceling/replacing as Order

The minimum price increment of instrument GPL is 0.01.

This order will not be accepted..



MT once this is "slid" down below 1.00 [all above truncates 2 places] but sliding under throws the error.


While "Sink and Drown" is 2 decimal thru the 1.00 barrier.

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ok we have no control over that. the minimum increment is on the TD Ameritrade servers, not MT. If the CURRENT price is above 1, they set the min increment for the limit order to 0.01. So if the current price is 1.10 and you try 0.7334, it will fail. This is not something we can do anything about. It would be a TD Ameritrade issue

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