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Automatically enable SCAN

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there are 2 key reasons why we did not set it to auto start

1) Assuming auto backfill is selected for the scan, I did not want automatically backfilling a huge list unless it is really wanted

2) if it was auto started - it would start the scan when the window is opened when MT starts up.  There are a ton of other things happening during startup and starting a scan would be VERY problematic.  Because everything is very much asynchronous, detecting when everything finished "Starting up" is in itself quite difficult, so delaying the scan start till startup is finished is also a problem.  

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 I get all that but.....

 I always back fill my lists (none of which are huge) so the mini inline charts are accurate.  I expect many or most do the same

 Would be simple enough to just start the scan  AFTER the backfill for that portfolio is done, or  using a simple time delay . Two or three minutes would be long enough for things to settle down,

 Since It's something I do EVERY day (turn on the scan) having that the only thing not automated seems strange.

  If someone is running scans in two , three or more ports, you  have to press F11 , and START scan for each one .  (If theres a hot key for this ,Im not aware of it )

 Just doesn't seem to me that it would break anything  to have this as an option.







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