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Trade windows and the taskbar / layouts

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I have many trade windows open at once all the time which are taking up all my real estate on my taskbar.  I tried unchecking  the box in general settings   "Separate task bar icon for trading windows" but then there is no way to restore a trade window you minimize as there become no task bar items to click on at all for trade windows.  Is it possible to have at least one taskbar item which when clicked could restore all trade windows when the box is unchecked?

Another option would be to be able to group the trade windows or create a multitrade window  ;)

To reduce the need for so many monitors it would be great to be able to group windows or lock them to some layout which could then have its own taksbar icon.  This would allow that virtual layout window to be minimize/maximized independently.  That way you could have a bunch of charts, trade windows, etc for one stock and easily switch over to another full setup for antoher stock that is attached to another virtual layout window.  I think I might have already asked something similar before, can't remember.

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even if a window does not have a taskbar icon, you can get to it - DASHBOARD, WINDOWS (top right), double click on the one you want. 

As for what you ask, no can't do that. 

Multi-trade window - do plan something like that. 

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