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New Trade ticket issues


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I have multiple trade tickets open for a single specific symbol across multiple accounts all tagged to the tan color tag. I have another couple trade tickets open on my screens for another couple accounts (some over lap) for other symbols which use other colors Red, pink, etc...  

If I go to my portfolio window/watch list and right click on another stock that I want to open a trade ticket for and click trade for some reason instead of opening a new trade ticket all the trade tickets for the Tan color tag are set to the new symbol.  As well the share counts are left the same as the were for the previous symbol.

I already tried changing the tag on the Tan colored tickets in case something else was using the Tan color but that didn't change what occured.

If I try and use the  new ticket button on the main dashboard It creates a duplicate of what looks like the first ticket, even thought there may be multiple tickets for that account opened. Even if thje last thing I clicked on was another newer ticket for that account. I actually just deleted the first ticket which kept getting duplicated and it got recreated even though there was another ticket for another symbol for the same account opened.

Basically I have no way to open a new blank ticket for an account or open one for a specific symbol....


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send me the settings so I can check. Also send me the full screenshot so I can see how you have it laid out (trade account specific settings are stripped from the stuff sent to us so I can't see it from the settings). 

Clicking on new ticket button on the dashboard correctly opens a new trade ticket. Kind of by definition. Is the new trade ticket linked with symbol linking pin?

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Sorry missed getting back to you on  this.  

From a pretty basic initial problem.  I have my portfolio window linked to the blue pin, chart linked to the blue pin, both are displaying stock SCU:CA.  I have 8 trade windows for ACB:CA all linked to the Tan pin displaying for diff accounts with current share counts for each account.

If I activate SCU:CA in the porfolio window so its on the chart as well then right click on SCU:CA in the portfolio window that has the Blue pin and click trade I don't get a new trade window, but all my Tan pinned trade windows now display SCU:CA.  My expectation would be that I would get a new trade window for SCU:CA either linked to the blue pin since the porfolio I right clicked on was blue or not linked to a pin since its new. Seems like maybe since my default account has a trade ticket open for the tan pin already the right click trade SCU:CA is using my default accounts pin and just activating it to the new symbol instead of creating a new ticket? Expected behavior?


I also then just made sure SCU:CA was selected in the blue portfolio window then went up to trade ticket in the dashboard and selected a new trade ticket for one of the accounts that had a Tan pin that already had an open trade ticket and was showing ACB:CA and got a new trade window for it.  Then I changed the pin to a new color (white) and tried to create a new ticket again and got a tan ticket. The next time I got a white one and kept getting white ones even if I closed all white pinned trade ticket windows.  very confusing...

I would expect here to get a new blank trade window not linked to any pin.



Screen shot in Dropbox


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Screenshot shows the second example using Trade ticket button in the dashboard.

2019-01-31 23_22_02-.png

Right side the Tan pin trade windows

Across the top to the left of the tan are 4 trade windows created left to right 3rd one I changed to yellow pin but still got the 4th one white.  This was a second round of testing where the new windows seem to be stuck to white now instead of the original tan as described above.



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You are mixing things that are totally independent. 

When you right click and select TRADE on a symbol in the portfolio, Link colors on portfolio or already open trade tickets make no difference whatsoever. The symbol trade is sent to the trade ticket for the "Default" account. If a trade ticket for the default account is already open, it sends the trade to it. If not, it opens a new one. This is completely separate from link colors. 

However, if you are mixing various link colors, then if the trade ticket that ended up receiving the trade is linked to TAN for example, then ALL windows linked to TAN will also change to the symbol for which you selected trade.

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