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Luis Guzman

Ally Configuration Issue

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I am new to this Medved Trader Platform.  In fact, I just install it to my computer.  Since I have Ally Bank as my Broker, I wanted to

use it, since it had a free offer to do so.  Now, once I clicked on the "verify the account" a window popped up, and then I put

my login information and the Ally website did come up, but nothing happened.  I noticed that I would have to login again on this

website, in which I did login again and then it stated that the browser needed to be upgraded or use one of these three browsers, such as

Chrome, Firefox or Internet Exployer.  I tried it a few more times, and it still did the same thing.  What should I do?  

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OK your login did not succeed.  The reason is the browser compatibility thing. The reason you are getting that problem is that you have Internet Explorer browser on your computer set to use "Compatibility Mode", which makes it look like IE 7. The embedded browser window in MT uses IE and that messes it up.

I just emailed you instructions.

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