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Yahoo commodity and dollar history / names

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For any of the commodity futures  symbols here https://finance.yahoo.com/commodities/ I am able to pull them up in Medved by assigning a portfolio to yahoo which is showing current price information.  However the name column doesn't populate, is there any way to have it populated?

I don't see any historical chart data for them either.  For example I have had XAUUSD=X in  my watch list for quite some time but the historical chart is empty.



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1) you should use MT symbol format instead of Yahoo's. Otherwise some stuff in MT will not work right, like default timeframes.  So for that symbol, should use

2) Names - odd. We request "longName" but for some they don't return it. Updated. Will be in next update.

3) historical data - they are not returning data for that symbol for our request. on the site you also see something similar. YTD reutrns a chart, but 1year or 5years dos not. Can't do anything about that. Other symbols work fine.

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