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Trendline transfer to multiple timeframe



I have a simple, awesome but maybe not easy feature request., that when drawing a trend line on a say 5 min chart SPY, that trend line will show up on same symbol on 1 min chart SPY with both open.  Is this possible??? Do they charts have the capability to interact w/other off cloud/internet whatever or is Windows base limit this?

I watch the same 10 or so symbols and have them all open on 60min, 5min, and 1 min. So i want to see where trend lines intersect on all.

When analyzing a setup to trade, it would be amazing to see a trend line drawn from a 60min larger time frame chart show up on a 5min, to narrow down an entry point on support/resistance of trendline. Also, beneficial for historica/log terml prespective and charting back larger trendlines.

Thank you

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