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E*Trade Trading - NOTICE!!!

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UPDATE - the TRADING is back!!! E*Trade API for Trading that we are using is again working. If you are getting the prompt from MT about it being disabled, then select FILE / HELP => Check for Updates. Let MT update all files, then restart MT even if nothing was updates.


E*Trade trading will not be available for the time being. We contacted them and hope to have the issue resolved in the near future.

E*Trade released a new version of their trading API (the method for others to connect to them).  In the new one, they did not enable a way for 3rd party commercial products like MT to connect. Vendor support is supposed to be "Coming Soon"

NOTE: Quotes will still work since we integrated them completely separate from E*Trade's API, which is why you may notice the login is different

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Though E*Trade re-enabled our access to the old API, we still need to update to the new one, and do so very soon. The latest beta is updated to the new API.  I really need some feedback regarding a couple things from you if you have an E*Trade account:

1) make sure positions are showing OK. 

2) Option trading - try it, make sure it works, transactions & positions show.

Please get the beta at :

close MT and install that one over the existing. For now everything else should be the same. In the future, we will likely add some other features, such as conditional orders.

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