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Overnight CME Stop Order Misbehaving

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Hi guys,

Strange behavior tonight (does not happen during normal daytime trading hours). 

Paper Trading CME micro (MES) using the DOM.  ONLY when I attempt to execute a BUY or SELL STOP order, I get the following error returned on the DOM (Limit orders work fine):


My IB Preset->Futures configuration is set to allow trades after normal market hours.  I'm using default MT timeframes for Futures, so all should be covering fine.

Immediately, upon attempting to execute the STOP, my STOP order appears on my linked Charts and also appears on my IB TWS screen correctly.  If I subsequently cursor over the errored STOP order on the DOM, the STOP order then appears on my DOM correctly as well.  However, when the price action goes past the STOP price point, the STOP order does NOT get executed.  Additionally, if I cancel the STOP order on the DOM, it removes itself from the DOM, but the STOP order remains on my linked charts and on my IB TWS order screen.

Again, this behavior doesn't occur during "normal" EDT trading hours - it works fine during those trading hours.

Any ideas here?


Edited by Doug Hayman
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