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Add option to Remove criss-cross pattern on Expanded Areas of Chart + Allow user to expand further + Remove price label




I would like to suggest 3 sort of related things:

1) Allow user to remove the criss-cross pattern shown on extended areas of a chart when you expand area to the right of a chart. Image shown below for context.

2) Allow user to expand the chart further than 29:30 for intraday, and 100 (?) bars for daily. This one is weird because sometimes the charts lock down how far you can expand to the right (giving the user only maybe an inch or two extra), and sometimes they let you expand a lot more than that. Not sure under what circumstances the charts allow large extensions of the chart, but I've noticed intraday charts rarely allow those larger extensions when compared to the daily charts.

3) Allow the user an option as to whether they want to see the current price label on the right. The price label is usually bolded in yellow and can just barely be seen in the image.


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1 and 3 - we really don't want to do such granular controls beyond what we already have. Yes, could be done, but it just complicates the user interface to have every little thing changeable. 

as for extending the charts - we recently increased it already. You can extend up to 4 days on intraday charts and 1400 bars on Historical.

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