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Problem with Minimized windows in Windows 10 Version 1903


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I've had a problem pop up with minimized windows after installing Microsoft's latest feature update this weekend(Windows 10 Version 1903).  The attached image shows a cropped screen print where there are 2 minimized MT windows on the bottom left.  It is only showing the outline of the minimized windows and I am unable to restore them....clicking or right-clicking anywhere inside the minimized window does nothing.  The work-around is to either right-click the Medved Icon in the system tray and select Restore all windows, or select "windows" from the Dashboard window and double-click the individual item I want restored....the problem persists once the same or another window is minimized once again.  I am up to date on the latest Windows updates.....nothing more to download.  I saw a similar post like this from June, but I appear to already have the recommended settings turned on.

I will email my system settings to you separately in case you want to look at them.  No rush on this....its a Holiday weekend and there IS a work-around.



Windows Version 1903 Minimize problem.gif

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All 3 are checked now.  Its different....now no matter how many windows I minimize, it only shows the outline of one minimized window in the bottom left.  When I hover over the MT Icon in the Task Bar, it shows separate windows that can be selected for account view and all of the portfolios....however no charts show there, so if I minimize a chart, it doesn't show, so I can't restore it.  I tried restarting MT, but that made no difference.

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