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IB Lite Free stock trading announced


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  Pretty big news today on this.  IB dragged into the 21st century with free trading.

  Jerry, you have any insight into whether you will be able to access the api on this ? Based on what I have read , they aren't allowing access to the free trades via TWS (not 100% sure about this , and it's a problem for scalping if thats true)

  Just wondering what you might know about it




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I mean who is going to give up TWS to trade off a web page ???

They say they are going to make it easy to switch from 'pro' to lite, but theres no comparison for any active trader.

If they want to compete properly, they need to allow trading off the TWS (and API)  , where the trade gets routed to payment for order flow houses if thats what you want  for the free trade




 I personally could care  less where the trade gets filled, as long as I'm executed at the current price.   Smart routing is no bargain , you get frontrun and pennied anyway

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