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Level 2 window questions

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Just wanted to ask here since others can probably use it for future reference:

1) With the Level 2 window, is there anyway to set the view of columns so if I added Tick, Time which are not enabled by default, that it will be used in all future Level 2 windows as I noticed it will save the setting for that ticker symbol but anything else and it will default back to it with Tick, Time not enabled.

2) In View of Columns, there is a # option which says column sequence, what exactly is a column sequence?  



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1) right click on the caption of the window and select "Set As Default"

2) # stands for # of orders. Only really relevant for Australian sources where we get a price, # of shares and a number indicating number of orders that make up those shares


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Thanks Jerry, is the "Set As Default" the same as left clicking the "Medved Trader" icon on the upper left of the level 2 window?  As I only see a "Set As Default" when I right click on the Level 2 window anywhere above the line in a black area below the Main, View, Trading tabs on the Level 2 window.  

Thanks for the answer on the columns sequence as I never saw any number higher than 1. 

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