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Pivot values incorrect in Advanced Mode

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from MT code: 

S1 = 2 * pivot - PrevDayHigh

S2 = pivot + PrevDayLow - PrevDayHigh;

S3 = 2 * pivot + PrevDayLow - 2 * PrevDayHigh

S4 = pivot + 2 * PrevDayLow - 2 * PrevDayHigh

which is same as here: https://www.babypips.com/learn/forex/how-to-calculate-pivot-points for example

Your S3 is not same as ours.

Not sure why.

I could implement MyPivots' formula as a separate indicator. What would you want it called?

The NaN should be fixed - get latest.





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Thanks for the scoop on the basis for your PP formulas.  That would be great if you could implement the MyPivot's formulas, but certainly not a rush, since we don't trade at those levels often, although R3 was being pushed today.  MyPivots has been around for years, and lots of the institutional guys and (former) floor traders have been using it. along with day traders.  If you do implement as an Indicator, I wouldn't mind you calling it, "MyPivots Pivot Points" or something to that effect.

With "NaN" fix, I assume you are talking about a forthcoming beta release.  Jerry sent me 1.1.9155.7 yesterday.  The fix worked yesterday afternoon, but stopped working for some reason today again.

As always, I appreciate you and Jerry's superlative support, and appreciate the excellent, feature-rich product you have developed.  I'm not a C# developer by trade, but using Advanced Paintbars has taken your platform and my trading to a new level.  Very glad I made the switch to MT several years back.



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