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Overlapping indicator values

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For some indicators with more than 2 values, the same can overlap.

So, how can I make them (without resizing window):

1.Both visible

Or preferably

2.Show only selected value


For comparison in TradingView, you can enable/disable overlapping or turn on/off desired values.





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6 hours ago, Mike Medved said:

You can trace the values with the mouse cursor (if you have that turned off, press Shift then move the mouse)?

You can make the fonts smaller on the charts.

Can you put a screenshot of how TradingView un-overlaps the labels?

1. Yes, but not practical with multiple charts open AND when you mostly use keyboard shortcuts

2.Yes, but from my understanding, there is only one generic size applied to all charts.

3.TV has 3 options for this:

Of course, even with TV and NO overlapping, indicator height has to has to have certain height.





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