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CNBC news bandwidth

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  I see the CNBC news feed allows a lot of subscribed tickers. (i have 4000), since  There are very few actual headlines, but a constant 50-100k /sec bandwith usage.

  much higher than ameritrade

  is this normal ??

 Do i need to subscribe to all those tickers for CNBC feed , or not ?



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 Cut off the subs to only a few open portfolios  , 60 symbols

 On relog , theres a blast of data, then drops to zero

 With the high sub count , stream of data is constant.

  Do you have to continuously poll these guys ?






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Streaming news from TDA a problem again - when I fired up MT this morning got a warning "TDA streaming news not available, contact them and subscribe for news" - after talking to their tech rep, problem is that they no longer have or require a subscription for streaming news (only L2), said if I can get real time quotes I should be getting TDA news. I think Benzinga news is from TDA - just checked, yes, when I click on a Benzinga news link a browser tab opens titled "AMTD: Benzinga", URL is "file:///C:/Users/My Name/AppData/Local/2GK/Medved Trader/Temp" - so it looks like I'm getting TDA news but MT isn't aware of it, at least when you start it up.

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