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Unfilled order on Level 2

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I see very often unfilled orders  (at least looks like one, usually only one on the top) in Level 2 window, on both Bid and Ask site.

This stream is from Weibull and the same orders cannot been seen in Webull app.

Btw, the same problem and in DOM window.


How to clean this?



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Unfilled orders are due to the trading broker selected on the Level II window, not the datafeed. Is the trading broker Webull as well? Look at the Account View/Transactions window at the time this happens. Is the order in question shown there?

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Which one is "Account View/Transaction" window?

I know only "Account View" window with Transaction tab. Is that the one?

If that's the one, only IB shows up in "Account" field.

Although I have Webull in Settings > Trading > Accounts.

And yes, WB is selected in Level 2 window in "Source" field, but why would that show unfilled order?


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Yes, that is the one. Account View window, transaction tab.

you didn't answer my question though - are you seeing the open order shown in transactions? Maybe you can send a screenshot of both the Level II window and the account view window to our support

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