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very slow alerts dialog box

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When trying to set an alert, I see a flash & then just blank space. In the screen cap of "invisible" there is a very thin line showing the border of a transparent window. Several minutes later the config wind will appear.  Time varies but 1 test took 2 minutes.1934434922_Alertconfigwindowvisible.png.49efe8c0be0e319010d74f0364b6b0af.png1266081731_Alertwindowinvisble.png.a4848ced4b5d13f1055bb8138b3bafd3.png

Running updated Windows on a relatively new Dell XPS, i7 processor, 32Gb. RAM, SSD, 8Gb. video card

I put a couple of arrows on the capture to point out top & bottom lines

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I Right click on a chart for the shortcut menu & select Add Alerts.

1st try this morning, I clicked on a symbol in the account view of a position I hold & it came up right away.

Then tried clicking on a chart & it failed. Re-tried adding an alert by going back to a symbol in the account view & it failed.


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Alert box still showing up transparent when trying to add a new alert

The only way to get it up is to go to the Account View window & click on an existing alert for a position currently held.. 

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