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Hey Jerry, 
I'm using HAMMER platform  (Alaric Trader). 
As far as I know, this  platform It's a white labeled Medved Trader.
In the Hammer Platform I have difficulties with Stop orders, they are not executed properly and going only through ECN BATS and EDGX.

From 10 Stop orders only about half is working. 
Also, I don't know how to program hot keys for Stop orders, for example: Price - 0.15 cents. 
In the video tutorial on YouTube about HAMMER platform, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YzRjnqbFo4&t=698s  

is shown how to program hot key: close out all positions. I have exactly done, how is shown in this video, but in the practice this hot key doesn't work.
Will be appreciate, if you also could explain what difference is between HAMMER and MEDVED platforms?
Thanks in advance

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Just to make sure i understand, please correct me if i'm wrong..
when i submit a Stop Order via Medved Trader (front end), it goes to Alaric's server (backend)
with all of the order's attributes  (acct#, date, time, stp price, etc) .   Due to a software bug, the
"stop price" parameter is lost somewhere between the frond end and the back end resulting
in the order never being triggered, so your suggestion - i take this up with Alaric developers  to come up 
with a technical solution where my Stop Price goes directly to the back end?

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no. 2 separate issues.  

1) stop price - when we retrieve list of orders, the stop price is not returned in the data. That is a known issue that will be addressed. However, the stop price is there on the order on the server (just not being sent to us)

2) if you have a stop order not triggering, that is a separate issue from the stop price not showing. I think from user feedback, it is specific to particular routes? That needs to be addressed with the Alaric client services. I will bring it up to them too.

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