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Quotemedia data question


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Signed up for QM Level 1 data (NASDAQ/NYSE/AMEX) as I didn't see an option for Level 2 data. Will this be an option sometime in the future, would be great to have TotalView support?

For the time being, is it possible to have the MT Level 2 window display all of top of book depth with a Level 1 subscription?  Right now the Level 2 depth is blank when using QM as the source so have to use it for backfills/portfolios/etc and TDA for Level 2 depth. 



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Ah OK thanks for the info. 

For now I'm using two separate Level 2 windows, top is QM data (for tick-by-tick L1 data/LULD) and bottom is TDA data for L2 depth. The only issue with this setup is the LULD data doesn't refresh automatically so I have to manually click away to another ticker then back. The LULD data is correct it just doesn't update. Trading halts is my specialty so is there any way to have this update when the LULD band changes?


Screenshot 2021-12-02 084256.png

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Something seems to have changed with regards to LULD updates using Quotemedia. 

After you implemented this fix in Dec, the QM LULD bands were updating perfectly every 30 seconds but it now sometimes takes a very long time. I took a screenshot this AM, you can see the price action was above the LULD upper limit which it should never be, obviously. The bands did eventually update but at that point the levels were minutes behind and invalid.

Do you think this a QM feed issue as Mike hinted to in another thread? I reached out to their support to see what they say, awaiting a response.

Sorry to be pestering y'all about LULD but it's core to my trading. 


Screenshot 2022-03-22 090823.jpg

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