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chart jumps to right


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Hi Jerry

guessed this was it.
so I played with it before posting my question. (It was already set to zero).
Now I tried again. Even closed the software and reopened it. 
It still persists.
It gives me about 10 seconds and then jumps back to the right.

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Jerry, just to make sure, we are talking about the marked section on the attached image, right?
If so, then it was set to zero all the time, every time.
Anyway, I clicked ok again right now.
still jumping.


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Jerry, It seems to me that whenever I scroll to the left and the scroll bar gets a red frame the chart will jump back to the right whatever the settings are. 

if the scroll bar is not framed with red it will not jump.
so I can not scroll to the left if I do not want it to jump back to right.

any idea why an intraday chart of spy would look like that?
This was taken at 15:24 NY Time.



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