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Split / Consolidation ?

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Portfolio Editor - select the symbol there and hit the SPLIT button. There is an option to adjust the existing data.


that option's available for portfolios but not watchlists. Maybe it should be available for watchlist too?


I did a workaround by first adding the symbol that needed adjustment to a portfolio, then selecting "adjust all portfolios" and "adjust intraday data" and that seemed to almost work (the previous day data were all adjusted except for one point).

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True, but split adjustment may be done by data vendor with a delay - so if I want to see "correct" charts immediately, I need to do split adjustment on day of split, then clear/backfill when vendor does it too.


If I cannot split-adjust on the day of a split, I will lose the effective use of the chart for one day.

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You can do the split adjustment on the day of the split - on the day of the split the stock is trading post split. MT will adjust the data for all previous days.


My point was that it really is not intended as a frequently used item, so did not want to make it more prominent or add it to WatchLists.

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