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LULD delay with Quotemedia (vs. dxFeed)


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Hi guys,

The dxFeed LULD levels update properly as the band changes but QM takes several minutes and is quite delayed. Can this refresh be adjusted or is that just what coming through the QM feed?

Screenshot attached, the bottom dxFeed levels are correct.



Screenshot 2022-03-15 091848.jpg

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Bump... just in case this fell thru the cracks. 

Can LULD for Quotemedia refresh at a faster interval? dxFeeds LULD bands seem to update more frequently/accurately. Thx

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2 hours ago, Mike Medved said:

Well, I display the LULD value as soon as I receive it from QM :)

Try asking QM whether they can do this more timely.

lol fair enough 


On 3/15/2022 at 10:02 AM, 3acor said:

Overall, how would you compare DxFeed to QM, I am with QM but might think of switching to DxFeed for the unlimited symbols


Having used both data feeds, I'll be sticking with dxFeed as I need accurate LULD info. If your trading doesn't require Level II depth or LULD then QM is fine otherwise.

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