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Values Obscuring Indicators


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Hi Mike,

I'm having an issue with my indicators in chart sub windows.  I have 3 indicators in one window below a chart.  However, there are indicator range numbers that bleed onto the chart area where the indicators are being plotted obscuring them near the top and bottom.  I don't seem to be able to find a way in the main settings, individual indicator settings or the label area settings to move these numbers off of the chart area or turn off the indicator range values from appearing so they aren't in the way of the indicator plot.  You can see this in the bottom part of the screen snip attached.

Another problem I am having is that in addition to the chart values box that opens when I mouse over a chart there is an additional smaller box that opens over the chart in line with my cursor at the top or bottom showing the date and time of the bar I have moused over.  This information is already in the larger data box that I have positioned to the left side of the chart out of the way.  Is there a way to prevent this additional smaller box from opening over the chart when I mouse over the chart?




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When you combine indicators on one sub-chart, it *tries* to find a scale that fits them all. If the scales are wildly different, then it can't, and plots the values of each scale separately.  If it is two scales that are separate, then the first one's ticks are on the right and second one's are on the left. When it is three scales, it is right, left, right....

What you *could* do is grab the X scale with your mouse and move your mouse right a bit - that would create some empty space on the right of the chart that would make the scale numbers not obscure the lines.

The box you're talking about - Settings / Charts / General, in the Tracing section, "Show X/Y values" - wouldn't that turn it off?


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