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TradeStation is a mess...


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  Data feed is arbitrary - once I signed up I found out there is a $500 minimum and no NASDAQ feed.  I deposited $100 to set up the account before I transferred and they took $60.  A legitimate minimum would not accept a $100 deposit.  They do provide random feed to some NASDAQ stocks so it takes a while to figure the mess out.

My impression is that this is a scam.

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Over the years broker-provided data has not met the bar for me personally. Consider inversting in dxFeed - https://www.medvedtrader.com/dxFeed for your data needs and use the brokers for trading only. It's been smooth sailing the last year and half for me using dxFeed + TD Ameritrade + TradeStation + Interactive Brokers all through MT of course 😄.

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