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Not sure if this belongs in bugs or support forum - Schwab PE data is different than Fidelity PE data

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Just noticed this today after I added a stock to one of my portfolios and certain data columns didn't populate, like volumes, so I switched from Schwab's feed to Fido and found Fido is missing PEs for multiple stocks - ignore the minor diffs in the 2nd digit right of the decimal point, that's just because the current pps changed while i was fooling around taking screenshots. The attachment is for one of my Schwab accounts, some are spec plays that don't make any money yet, so they don't have a PE - but at least one stock, QRVO, does make profits but only Schwab has a PE shown in MT - as soon as I switch data sources to Fido a bunch of PE's disappear. I did the same test with my 31 stock/fund watchlist portfolio (not shown) and Schwab was only missing 6 out of 31 PE's (all 6 stocks are not profitable), but Fido was missing a whopping 16 our of 31 - any idea what's going on here?





Scwab vs Fido PEs.jpg

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I just figured out why those symbols don't have PEs shown with Fido OR Schwab as data source - they're all ETFs or mutual funds, which really don't have PEs, only the stocks they hold do.  For money losing stocks Schwab will show you TTM PEs. So we can chalk this up to "nevermind, I was having a brain fart" 😉

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