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Connect tool windows together to drag



Hi. I just signed up and am using parralells on a Mac. Every seems to work well but I had a couple questions :

1. Is there a future update that will allow user to change font (Ariel, calibri, etc)?

2. I built my layout with multiple tools (watchlist, 2 detailed quotes, 2 L2 windows, 2 trade tickets, one chart, and an order/transactions window). I then locked the windows together. However, you cant drag the program when locked. And if unlocked, I can only move one tool/window at a time. On tos, atp, sse, and tws, the tools/windows are within a main app window/desktop which can be minimized, dragged to another location, etc.

Is this an option with medved? If not, is it in the works?


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1) fonts - we generally do not allow users to change fonts. Sizes, yes, but not fonts themselves.  Any particular window that you don't like the font on?

2) MT windows are independent. There is no container window for all of them to move. It is a requirement due to some performance stuff that we do to let each window run in its own thread. 

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