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Invalid value 'SEAMLESS' (Schwab)

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Hello, I'm having trouble placing buy/sell limit orders on Schwab this morning (June 28th). Stop-limit and market orders are working fine, but whenever I try to place a limit order (for any ticker), I get an "Invalid value `SEAMLESS`" error message.

I haven't made any changes to my Medved software or my PC, and everything was working fine yesterday. I've tried restarting Medved and rebooting my PC, but the issue persists.

Medved Trader Version: 1.1.9932.310





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Same here with Schwab.  Removed and readded account, tested buying/selling with 1 share and it worked a few times.  Went to purchasing 200+ shares and the error returned.

Just sent log files in.

Invalid value 'SEAMLESS'


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