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QuoteGrid symbol de-duplication

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Sometimes a user enters a "new" symbol into a watchlist but the QuoteGrid already has it.


Currently MT makes a duplicate entry. There is no check made for these, so they just become part of the list. For a QuoteGrid with a large number of symbols, this can become unwieldy.


Should there be a check to disallow duplicates ? Or alternatively, an easy way to find them and remove them ?



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some people want multiple instances of the symbol. And MT doesn't really know which one you want to keep and which to remove. 


As for why it was done that way, basically for portfolios you can have multiple symbols to track buy/sell yet want to only show one entry. Watchlists weren't intended for that, though I guess I could enable that checkbox. Will look

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I understand multiple instances of a symbol in a portfolio, where you may track different sub-positions.


But in watchlists they seem useful only if a symbol is used in different sub-groups  (if one sub-group is minimized)


So, maybe disallow duplicate symbols in watchlists unless used in different subgroups ? 

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