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I am having trouble ensuring consistency across intraday charts when showing extended hours trades. 


The amount of data varies depending on how active a particular stock is in extended hours. That makes the time period shown in EH vary by stock. 


Example below: charts of GDXJ and GLD show Ext.Hrs for current day, and GDXJ starts at 05:54 while GLD starts at 05:27, so the time axes do not line up.




Is there any way in MT to specify fixed period(s) for extended hours (i.e. 06:00-09:30 and 16:00-17:00) so that the same time frames are shown no matter what symbol is selected ?


If this is not currently possible, would you please add it as a feature request ?




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OK, thanks. 

I find it useful to quickly toggle the display of extended hours trades on/off. Could you add a button to the chart, or else create a menu option that accomplishes the same thing when added to the QAT?


Here is an example from the Nexa platform (the little clock symbol in the bottom right corner) to toggle EH on/off:



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