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  1. ASX News not showing - ASX Index not working

    Thank you very much for the email and updated symbols. I installed these and Commsec can now display these indexes.
  2. ASX News not showing - ASX Index not working

    I dont know what Index Symbols Commsec supports but if you tell me where to look I can find it. I also have access to ANZ Share Trading Australia and BELL Direct Australia is needed... but when I tried them they also could not show me the ASX Index.
  3. ASX News not showing - ASX Index not working

    Here is a Screen print of the system Jerry so you can see what I mean. I cant see a Combo box anywhere. I pressed select Indexes and $ASX shows up as my only Indices option.
  4. ASX News not showing - ASX Index not working

    So we can't get any company News from the ASK any longer? .... will you have a replacement for ASX News? As for the Source .... I click in Indexes on the Tab, Select Available Indexes button and the only one that appears for me is $ASX
  5. Hi, I am having problems showing ASX News when I have the ASX selected in the Data Sources/News feed. This was working fine before Medved did an update to the program. Also I have selected $ASX in the Indexes to show the Australian Share market index, but instead this is showing the ASX stock code of the share instead and not the Index.
  6. A accidentally deleted my Portfolio !

    Perfect !!!! thank you
  7. Hi, I went it to my Portfolio, highlighted a Stock to Delete but instead deleted my whole portfolio. Is there a way I can Import the Quotetracker data across to the Medved program as I did when I first started using this about a week or two ago?
  8. ASX News not showing

    Works just fine now..... I added the :ASX after ASX company symbol and news is filtering through.
  9. ASX News not showing

    Thanks for your reply Jerry. I do not have the symbols set up in the way you mentioned above because I just took the option to transfer my data from Quotetracker when I come across to you last week and in Quotetracker they were just set up with the normal code eg ANZ. So I will go in and edit them all and see if that works.
  10. ASX News not showing

    Hi, I am in Australia and have selected ASX News under my Data sources, but no news seems to be coming through at all and I know news has come through for a few stocks on my list. Is there an issue with this feature on Medved?
  11. Unable to change Font Text size

    Ohhhhps .... my apology !! Thank you so much ! .... that has fixed it now !
  12. Unable to change Font Text size

    Symbol Bid Ask BidSiz AskSiz Last Change Chg% Name Open High Low Volume Quantity Value Paid Gain $ Gain % Time Prv Cls 52wLo 52wHi Earn PE PAN 0.29 0.295 0.29 0.005 1.75 438596491228 Panoramic Resources Limited 0.285 0.29 0.28 678967 16-Jan-17 1:23:46 PM 0.285 I am talking about changing the size of the above (Bolded) for example. All the info that is updated for each stock
  13. Unable to change Font Text size

    I am trying to change all the text size of the Symbol, Bid, Ask price etc .... just so people like me who dont have the best eyesight can make it easier to read. You had this option/feature previously available on Quotetracker.
  14. Unable to change Font Text size

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, thats where I am trying to change it. I press the up arrow to 10, press Apply and Ok at the bottom but no fonts change on the system ?
  15. Unable to change Font Text size

    Hi, I have just downloaded to use this program after using Quotetracker for many years. Everything seems to be working fine apart from me been unable to change the Font Text Size on the chart. I found the option to do it and increased it from 8pt to 9 and 10 but it makes no difference, it does not change on the chart. I shut down and restarted the program and still no change. Am I doing something wrong or is there an issue here.