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    Colors in raw data window - questions

    Thanks a lot Jerry for your support, have a nice weekend.
  2. Hi there, I have some doubts about how it is working the raw data window highlight. If I am not wrong the "Last" column value is red if the stock is printing on the bid, green if the stock is printing on the offer and white if the stock is printing between. And that's ok. What is not completely clear to me is how it is woking the highlight rule of the "Bid" and "Ask" columns. I undestand that when the bid and/or the offer is lifting then it is highlighed in green. When the bid and/or the offer is dropping then it is highlighted in red. If the above understanding is correct then I don't understand why in the attached example there are some cases in which the bid / ask is lifting / dropping but the change is not highlighted. I marked them with a red / green box. Thank you in advance for your help. Best regards Jean