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  1. Timeframes issue

    Everything is perfect now . Medved , I sill have a list of markets I would like to be fixed to show proper data both on portfolio and charts ( for example CSE ( Canadian Stock Ex Thailand SE ,Madrid , Vienna , Dublin - Main stock exchanges around the world . What should I do to help You to fix it. What should I point and list ?
  2. Timeframes issue

    every time I open Medved i see message that Turkey time is not found in my PC
  3. Timeframes issue

    I do have the same error with turkey market these days . I ve installed last version over the old one
  4. Timeframes issue

    Hello Jerry When problem with the Turkey will be fixed ?
  5. Timeframes issue

    When I watch Paris stock symbols XYZ:PA , chart selects European equities or CAC40 time frames arbitrarily . Maybe this happen because previous watched symbols was Amsterdam or Lisbon stocks ( XYZ:AM XYZ:LS ) , which are matched to European , or maybe my default time is European. Please match Paris stocks to European Equites ( CAC40 has longer time , and shows free unfilled space ) as Amsterdam Brussels and Lisbon . Because all four traded in one exchange - Euronext , and have the same timeframe. I hope I was clear
  6. Timeframes issue

    Could you please also fix for SYMBOL:PA. Seems to me it tied to CAC40 and European Equties timeframe at the same time. It automatically choose the first or second timeframe. Could you please match to European equties timeframe only .As for SYMBOL:AS SYMBOL:BR SYBOL:LS - they are working perfect , and I am happy to see that problem is solved !!!
  7. Timeframes issue

    Yeap . I think i would be correct . The data before and after is opening and closing auction prints data
  8. Timeframes issue

    :EBR and :ELI (Brussels and Lissabon ) are for EURONEXT ( as :EPA and :AMS ) are good for European equities . For Example ( RNO:EPA KPN:AMS NYR:EBR CTT:ELI) As for :IST (Istanbul ) :IS e.g ULKER:IST ULKER:IS . Timeframe for Turkish equity is different (9:30 AM - 12:30 PM, 2:00 PM to 5:30 PM ‡) GMT + 3 . I could not find it in timeframes
  9. Timeframes issue

    Я попробую на русском) .То что вы написали выше - я проделываю , и это работает . Главная проблема в том что , мне приходится это делать каждый раз . Если я вбиваю символ и время не подходит , то мне приходится поправлять его каждый раз , когда я вбиваю новый символ . Не важно с залинкован ли график с портфолио , или я вбиваю вручную . Неважно где я указал настройки времени в окне графика или в опциях и что стоит по умолчанию . Проблема в том что мне приходится вручную поправлять каждый раз когда я открываю новый символ . Учитывая что я просматриваю более тысячи графиков в день . Постоянно поправлять время вручную при каждым новом символе - отнимает время и внимание. Для бэкфила я пользуюсь только google finance . , Can you do for :EBR :ELI :IST too ? (:BR :LS :IS) Thanks
  10. Timeframes issue

    English is not my primary language , so I am sorry for not being so clear . May be picture is worth a thousand words ))))
  11. Timeframes issue

    I did everything as You said in your previous message , but I do experience the same . May be because I used google symbol format ( I prefer google charts backfill for accuracy and data ) For Euronext XYZ :EPA :AMS :EBR :ELI , for Turkey :IST . So this could be great , if I want to see charts NEX:EPA or RNO:EPA - charts would automatically choose C40 timezone
  12. Timeframes issue

    Thank you Medved I did everything you advised, and it perfectly works only for USA and ENGLAND stock markets. But I am also watching EURONEXT (XYZ:EPA XYZ:AMS XYZ.PA XYZ.AS and so on ) Bursa Istanbul , Bovespa and other European and East Equity markets . When I trying to watch charts from portfolio linking , or typing them manually on charts - the time frame autocratically is set to US Equity Market . Even If default time frame is different . I even tried to create user defined time frame , but nothing works. That could be great when I want to see SYMBOL:EPA - it automatically chooses European Equities time zone or could set default time frame for certain chart Thank you in advance
  13. Timeframes issue

    Dear Medved I am trying to watch European stocks using google data feed. I had set European Equities (CET) timeframe as a default in settings . But still charts shows not full data cause it automatically choose US Equity Market data timeframe. I had to change on chart manually all time , with is annoying and time consuming. I have tryied to change my PC time settings too . Played with all settings , but nothing helps Could you please fix it if possible Thank you in Advance Aleksandr