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    Is there a way to print the portfolios and/or charts as was the case in the old Quote Tracker? Thanks
  2. Beanbagger

    Ally Invest

    My apologies. I just fired up MT, went to settings and indeed the Ally Invest brokerage was there. It successfully verified the account. I must have overlooked it the first time. Sorrry for the confusion. Thanks for getting back to me so soon.
  3. Beanbagger

    Ally Invest

    I'm running Windows 7 64 bit OS. I don't see a "ProgramData" folder, only a "Medved Trader" folder in "Program Files" and there is no "Streamer_TRADEKING.site" file in the Medved folder.. Is it located in another folder? Please advise. Thanks
  4. Beanbagger

    Ally Invest

    I opened an account directly with Ally Invest. I also have an account with MBTrading. How do I go about linking the Ally Invest account with MT? I only see Ally Invest (MBT) in the list of brokerages. Thanks
  5. Beanbagger

    Account still restricted

    So, is simply opening the "Trade Ticket" window sufficient or do I need to actually initiate a stock trade in order to validate my account?
  6. Beanbagger

    Account still restricted

    I just got a message saying my premium membership was about to end because MT couldn't verify my TradeKing account. I setup a funded TradeKing account and have it as my default account in the Settings section. Please advise.
  7. Beanbagger

    Account still restricted

    I recently funded a TradeKing MBT account and have selected it as my data source but there are no streaming quotes and my account is still registered as free with restrictions. Please advise.